Trusted PC Man IT support for businesses.

Trusted PC Man offers tailored  business support packages designed to work and grow with your business.

Since the inception of our business in June 2004 we have learned that our clients have their own individual requirements, budgets, expectations and aspirations. Our aim is to mould our support offerings around your business rather than offer pre-packaged Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 type solutions which might not work as well against your budget.

Many companies promise the earth in an attempt to get you to sign on the dotted line but few companies continue to deliver that promised level of service as time goes on.

We understand that our business customers have made the decision not to employ an in-house IT support technician and instead have opted to outsource their IT to businesses such as ours. Your expectation is to have your IT taken care of, leaving you time to run and grow your own businesses.

If you are currently looking to start a business, employ an IT provider to start looking after your self-supported IT or perhaps you are already receiving IT support from another company but you wish to discuss what we can do for you then please get in touch to arrange a free of charge evaluation visit.

Many new and existing businesses moved over to us in 2019. We were very surprised with the level of support NOT being provided by the ‘then’ existing providers and in most cases clients were being billed for monthly support with no evidence of any actual support being provided. In some cases the client was holding back from contacting their IT support company due to the fact that they were historically being charged for items or even advice that should have been included within their support agreement.

If you like to experience a high level of service along with a transparent, fair and upfront support package then please contact us on 01428 606395 to arrange a non-obligatory IT evaluation.

Many thanks for your time.

Andy Clague
Trusted PC Man