CCTV Design & Installation Services

Trusted PC Man offer a wide range of CCTV design and installation services for businesses, organisations, homes, farms and all other locations that require additional security measures to be put in place to deter unauthorised persons from trespassing and / or entering / damaging client property.

Prevention is the first step as you’ll want to avoid security issues from occurring. We offer a wide range of CCTV cameras and signage to deter casual perpetrators from entering your property and essentially we want to help you get the message out there that you have taken steps to secure your property / land.

The next step is to ensure that you have a reliable CCTV and cabling system in place to ensure that if unauthorized entry has been attempted then you have easy to obtain evidence at hand to forward to the appropriate authorities. Trusted PC Man only use brand name equipment to ensure both reliability, sales and technical support going forward. There are many budget CCTV systems available to purchase online but if the system doesn’t deliver when you most need it to then this could be regarded as a wasted expense.

Our CCTV systems offer our clients the ability to access live camera streams both on premises and from remote locations.

There are many different reasons why you might want to implement a CCTV system. The following is a list of applications / scenarios that we have encountered and more importantly we have delivered system to satisfy and in most cases exceed client requirements.

CCTV Application Examples …

  • Securing business entrance / exits and surrounding boundaries.
  • Securing homes and protecting occupants.
  • Protection for staff and visitors within the workplace.
  • Animal / livestock monitoring.
  • Monitoring for vehicles and persons accessing and exiting zones such as car parks, gathering points and public spaces.
  • Monitoring children / babies within the home to ensure their well being.
  • Protecting assets such as vehicles and other high value items.

Where to go from here …

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